As a licensed, General Contractor (#846653), Stuart London's experience with a wide range of general home and office repair is extensive. As a "door to door, ceiling to floor," handyman, Stuart has built his reputation as a handyman in Amador County and the surrounding areas by responding quickly, assessing a situation and efficiently completing a job, whether he’s installing a ceiling fan, adding an electrical outlet or repairing dry rot.

Give us a call for home and office repairs, installations or upgrades in the following areas:

  • Appliances: cooktops/electric and gas ranges, washers, dryers
  • Bathroom renovation: ADA compliant, "grab" bars, vanities
  • Countertops
  • Decks/Railings (minor repairs)
  • Doors/Locks (Exterior and Interior): adjustments, garage door openers, hinges, sliding glass, pet doors, pocket screens/doors
  • Dry rot/termite damage
  • Drywall (repair only)
  • Electrical: breaker/fuse replacement, dimmer installation, add-a-plug
  • Fans: ceiling fan/repair of vibration issues, whole house or attic fan
  • Log splitting
  • Rodent exclusion
  • Television installation/flat screens
  • Tile Replacement (referral only)